Best Ever ISA CompactFlash PCB


The Lo-tech ISA CompactFlash Board has been a consistent best seller since it’s launch back in 2013. Having been through a number of relatively minor revisions, I’m today pleased to announce availability of the best version yet!

Now formally rev.3 and made in the UK, the PCB features a thicker, 2.5µm gold card-edge connector for long-term durability as well as ENIG finish for easy soldering and bevelled edge.


The design also includes ROM address selection, PC/XT slot-8 functionality with disable jumper, and more durable power supply for key-pin powered DoM and CompactFlash adapters with an optional 2.2uF tantalum capacitor at the header.

The SMT components on the back of the board remain optional, meaning this design is still the cheapest, easiest to assemble, fastest, and most compatible storage adapter for PC and PC/XT class hardware.

The ISA CompactFlash PCB is available in the site store now.

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3 Responses to Best Ever ISA CompactFlash PCB

  1. Carlos Teixeira says:

    Awesome work James!

    I did assemble one of these boards a couple of weeks ago and the PCB i got was rev3. It definitely looks top notch, and while i’m not an experienced or have a steady soldering hand assembling was super easy!

    Looking forwar and anxious for the upcoming projects! 😉

  2. Phil Saunders says:

    Hi – is this available as a kit including a programmed ROM?


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