MIF-IPC-B rev.2

Back in Jul-15 I introduced the Lo-tech MIF-IPC-B, a clone of Roland’s MIF-IPC board that connects the legendary MPU-401 to the IBM PC. Unfortunately an error in the schematic in the address decoder meant the prototypes were effectively useless – but when does anything work first time?

So here at last is the Lo-tech MIF-IPC-B, rev.2 – hopefully with everything as it should be:


Full details on this board are available in the wiki now.

The first assembled units are with beta testers now and all being well, PCBs will be available within the next 4-6 weeks.

7 Responses to MIF-IPC-B rev.2

  1. ChrisNova777 says:

    tested my protoype.. havent done any rigorous testing as of yet.. but i did run the miditest utility that comes with voyetra sequencer plus gold v4.11 and it did pass the tests using a loopback from midi out to midi in so thats promising!!!!

  2. Miguel says:

    Hello. Are you going to sell a PC200/Low profile version of this card? My PC200 is happy with your low profile XT-IDE but it would be happier if I could add this one 🙂

    Regards from Spain.

    • james says:

      Thanks for the suggestion! There’s a fair bit of work involved re-spinning to a smaller footprint but it might be possible.

  3. Lowing says:

    Does this Work with Intelligent Mode, eg. attach external Modules ?
    Or does it require additonal Stuff except for cables.

  4. Dusko says:

    Are these available now? What components I need to buy? do you sell them? Do you ship to USA (Florida)? Is there a generic interface cable I can buy to connect it to a MT-32 for example?
    Thank You.

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