lo-tech.co.uk is home to a range of retro computing and RaspberryPi projects.

lo-tech has been developing assemble-yourself expansion boards for retro IBM and retro Tandy PCs since 2012, the range currently consisting of memory boards, storage boards, sound boards, and some diagnostics related products. The lo-tech product range as covers Raspberry Pi modules with two GPIO interface modules, a 24-bit VGA adapter, and an interface to Rollertec garage door controllers.

Lo-tech boards are available through our authorised distributor, TexElec.

If you have an idea for a Lo-tech PCB, please Get In Touch!

Retro Computing?

With early 1980’s computer hardware, it’s reasonably easy to understand what’s actually going on at the hardware level and in some ways interesting to work around the limitations. It’s also within the grasp of the hobbyist to create everything from the PCB layouts to application code – with BIOS ROM code and operating system in between – something that just isn’t possible with current hardware for most people.

lo-tech has some unique products, such as the most popular currently available 8-bit ISA storage adapter, the ISA CompactFlash Adapter, and the only ever expansion board for Tandy 1400 laptops. Take a look in the shop and browse the site wiki for the low-down on how these boards work.

Raspberry Pi Projects

The Raspberry Pi has opened back up computer programming and hardware tinkering to a new generation.

The lo-tech GPIO Board for the RPi enables the simple connection of external sensors, and has found uses in a number of commercial and industrial applications too. The latest edition to the range, the lo-tech 24-bit VGA Board, enables the connection of a second screen via standard VGA connector and provides excellent image quality.

Hey Siri! Open My Garage Door! Sure thing – with the Lo-tech PDT Rollertec Interface kit and our Homebridge plugin.

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