ISA CompactFlash Board

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This board provides bootable storage for PC/XT and PC/AT systems via a CompactFlash card.

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The most popular Lo-tech board ever!

Replaces the hard drive in IBM PC, PC/XT and compatibles with a CompactFlash card – see blog entry and wiki page.

Provides selectable ROM address for maximum system compatibility and works in IBM PC/XT slot 8. Simple, fast and effective!

Available to buy from TexElec.

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Weight 18 g

5 reviews for ISA CompactFlash Board

  1. Brian Keener

    I’d have literally traded a leg for this sort of upgrade back in the 80’s…

  2. Thorsten Wesker

    I’m very happy to finally be able to backup my first machine’s MFM disk and provide the machine with additional data in a very comfortable manner. Thank you!

  3. Matthew Cox (verified owner)

    Excellent product. I use these in my collection of 286 IBM ps/2 model 30 and 8086 variations of the model 30. I was able to make these prior to having much soldering skills as the SMD parts are not required.

  4. -B-

    This product has breathed life back into my retro PC collection, specifically Sinclair PC200 and Olivetti Prodest PC1. I plan to replace the MFM HDD in my 286 next. Easy to assemble the components and program the BIOS. Many thanks 🙂

  5. Marco (verified owner)

    Nice board, fast shipping here in Europe.
    I’ve easily found on Ebay all the ICs needed, tried it on my Olivetti Pcs-86 and it worked! (with the nec v30 rom of course)
    I’ll buy some more for other pcs

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