1MB RAM Board

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This adapter can extend or replace the system board provided RAM in PC/XT class systems.

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This board provides system memory for XT class hardware  – see wiki page. The board can be used to expand system memory to the full 640KB (and beyond, providing upper memory as well), regardless of how much memory is on the machine system board (for example 128, 256, or 384KB).

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2 reviews for 1MB RAM Board

  1. Carlos Teixeira (verified owner)

    Excellent design and functionality! PCB’s are always of great quality. This board will allow to expand conventional RAM all the way up to 640kb, and gives the ability to populate upper RAM area from A000h to EFFFh in 64KB increments via the dipswitch. Using a DOS driver it is possible to use the Upper RAM area to load drivers, and thus maximizing memory on XT systems.

    This board will be a little harder for people who might be newcomers to soldering, not so much because board is pretty much all SMD components, but because the the the SMD resistor arrays are a bit tricky to solder correctly.

    After using and building this cards myself i now trade them at amibay, for people who might want one but is put off but the required soldering:


    And best of all, if there is any problem James Pearce is a very helpful person and always keen to help solve any issues.

    5 stars to both store and product!!

  2. Paul Osmialowski

    Although I’m using just a chunk of the memory from this card, it works really well on my Amstrad PC2086 providing much needed UMB memory. This makes previously impossible things possible thanks to all of the drivers being loaded high into UMB. And most notably, Windows 3.0 finally became running stable!

    At some point I started to use this card along with the other card offering 2MB EMS which 4DOS can use as a swap, leaving even more of the free RAM available. Sadly, this resulted in two ISA slots occupied by just the memory cards. As I also wanted to have XT-IDE CF adapter, the SMC network adapter and SoundBlaster 2.0 clone in the same machine, I quickly ran out of free slot. Sadly, in effect, EMS card had to be removed. Now, I wish these two products (1MB RAM card and 2MB EMS card) could be combined into one product occupying just one ISA slot. Would something like that be possible?

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