2MB EMS Board

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This adapter provides up to 2MB EMS memory for PC/XT class hardware.

Available at TexElec as a finished product or bare PCB.



This board provides up to 2MB of EMS for XT class hardware  – see wiki page. The required LIM4 EMS driver (LTEMM.EXE) is available on the wiki.

Buy today at TexElec.

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Weight 28 g

1 review for 2MB EMS Board

  1. Al Boyanich

    Fiddly to get working but works extremely well on my v2 NuXT computer from Monotech. Brilliant for running norton cache 2 (ncache2.exe), and having a good size disk cache for larger 2gb MessyDOS partitions. Also brilliant for 4DOS.COM and works with EMS paging to shove the 261kb shell up into EMS ram. Fast also. Good programming guide and supports 64k EMS protocol. Not just 4k and 8k windows.

    Cons: I dearly wish there was at *least* a 4mb version or better 8-16mb. I definitely have a use for it and don’t want to have multiple cards as I don’t have the free slots. Please bring out a much bigger one!!! 🙂 I and several others would definitely love to buy it.

    Love the work though! Thanks!

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