PDT RollerTec Interface (Gerber Files)


Hey Siri! Open My Garage Door! With this Lo-tech project, you can do exactly that.

Provided as an Instant Digital Download of Gerber files, for PCB production.



The Lo-tech PDT RollerTec Interface set enables a RaspberryPi to monitor and operate the PDT RollerTec garage door controller. A HomeBridge plugin is also available, which together brings ‘Hey Siri!’ to this popular garage door system.

The PCB set consists of two boards: a small daughter board ‘PDT Rollertec Door Status Interface’, which enables the RaspberryPi to monitor the current door state (open/closed/fault), and the RapberryPi HAT style ‘PDT Rollertec Interface’ board that interfaces everything to a RaspberryPi.

This product is a digital download in Gerber format. These files can be used to manufacture the boards, for example via Seeed Studio Fusion service. Detail product information and parts list are provided in the Lo-tech wiki.


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  • Where can I get the parts?

    The Lo-tech wiki maintains parts lists for boards, with order codes for Mouser or Farnell (or sometimes both). DigiKey is another popular supplier.

  • Where can I get PCBs made?

    All Lo-tech boards have been prototyped through Seeed Studio, meaning you can have confidence that the Gerbers can be used there to produce high-quality PCBs. Note: Lo-tech has no affiliation to Seeed Studio, other than being a long-standing customer!

  • What are Gerber files?

    Gerber files are like PDFs but for PCBs. They are used by PCB manufacturers to make boards.