ISA ROM Board Updated

The Lo-tech ISA ROM Board is a simple and cheap to make 8-bit ISA board that provides a 32 or 64KB ROM via a flash chip, and was first released in 2012 primarily to help with XT-IDE Universal BIOS development. It now enters it’s third revision, adding PC/XT Slot-8 support.


The board retains all the previous features, including selectable 32KB or 64KB operating modes, in-system programming, extensive address selection options, and entirely through-hole component choice for easy home assembly.

This kit is ideal for anyone tinkering with IBM PC BIOS or option ROM development, or as a handy flash ROM to add option ROMs for example to support high density floppy, IDE controllers without their own ROM, or network boot (like ATAoE).


CADSoft Eagle PCB design files and associated Gerbers (which are used by PCB fabricators) are all available now (with the usual Lo-tech GPL derived license) via the site wiki.

PCBs and full kits will be available via the Lo-tech shop at the start of May.

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  1. Devin D says:

    I am in the process of troubleshooting a machine that will not boot, I suspect a faulty bios rom. If the bios is removed from my machine, can i flash a compatible bios onto this device and boot a machine for testing purposes?

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