1MB RAM and 2MB EMS Boards Updated

Introduced back in February, the Lo-tech 1MB RAM Board and 2MB EMS Boards have been undergoing basic testing since, and have now both been updated to rev.2 designs, with a number of fixes and changes to make them ready for release. The designs files for both boards are available now via the site wiki.

1MB-RAM-Board-r02-Top 2MB-EMS-Board-r02-front

Along with a few component changes and the addition of configuration information on the silkscreen, the main changes are the addition of PC/XT slot-8 compatibility to the RAM Board, and a better choice of IO port addresses on the EMS Board.

Both boards now also use the same mounting hole placement, meaning a new ISA slot bracket, which is currently in development.


CADSoft Eagle PCB design files and associated Gerbers (which are used by PCB fabricators) are all available now (with the usual Lo-tech GPL derived license) via the site wiki. The EMS driver source will be added soon.

PCBs and full kits will be available via the Lo-tech shop at the start of May.

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