Announcing Official Lo-tech Outlet: TexElec

TexElec – the Official Lo-tech Distributor

Lo-tech has now moved to a licensed distributor model, and it is with great pleasure that I can announce Kevin Williams, aka TexElec, as the official distribution partner!

TexElec’s online store can be found at texelec.com, and their eBay outlet here.

I’ve been working with Kevin for the last 18 months and this is a big step forward for Lo-tech. This distribution model gets the products closer to the end-user, since well over 50% of Lo-tech sales have been to the USA, and also means lower cost, more reliable supply than has been possible running Lo-tech as a hobby.

Please support Kevin – his work is of excellent quality and he has already fulfilled orders for hundreds of boards.

2015: What’s Coming

2014 has been a great year thanks to your continued ideas and support, making possible prototyping and production of the super-niche products that Lo-tech specialises in. A huge thanks to everyone that’s been involved!

2015 will be even busier, and already I have a number of projects in-hand:

  • ISA CompactFlash PCB Rev.3 (with selectable ROM address)
  • 8-bit IDE Adapter Rev.2 (with the errata fixed)
  • XT-CF-Lite rev.2 (with bus transceiver)
  • Raspberry Pi GPIO Board rev.2 (with more inputs, more outputs, and 1-wire bus)
  • New ISA slot brackets
  • New lines:
    • Roland MPU-401 adapter
    • Z80 Test Socket adapter

Other ideas including adding a forum to this site to enable users to more easily share their experiences getting things going and a new memory board combining ROM, RAM and EMS on one card.

But in the mean time – a very happy and prosperous new year!