2015: What’s Coming

2014 has been a great year thanks to your continued ideas and support, making possible prototyping and production of the super-niche products that Lo-tech specialises in. A huge thanks to everyone that’s been involved!

2015 will be even busier, and already I have a number of projects in-hand:

  • ISA CompactFlash PCB Rev.3 (with selectable ROM address)
  • 8-bit IDE Adapter Rev.2 (with the errata fixed)
  • XT-CF-Lite rev.2 (with bus transceiver)
  • Raspberry Pi GPIO Board rev.2 (with more inputs, more outputs, and 1-wire bus)
  • New ISA slot brackets
  • New lines:
    • Roland MPU-401 adapter
    • Z80 Test Socket adapter

Other ideas including adding a forum to this site to enable users to more easily share their experiences getting things going and a new memory board combining ROM, RAM and EMS on one card.

But in the mean time – a very happy and prosperous new year!

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