Revised ISA CompactFlash PCB

This board should have been called the ISA CompactFlash Adapter rev.3, but somehow the design made it to fab with the development title rev.2b still intact… but anyway, here it is!


This revision of this ever popular project has two changes designed to make it even more compatible:

  • a selectable ROM address – either C800h or D800h – makes it possible for this adapter to co-exist with an MFM or RLL device, for example for data transfer (requires SMT resistor R4 to be fitted);
  • a jumper (JP3) to disable CARDSEL drive signal, making it possible for adapters with the SMT components fitted to be used in systems that cannot boot when this signal is present, such as the IBM PS/2 Model 30-286.

Full information in the wikiPCBs are available now!

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