Tandy Sound (SN76489) Adapter PCB

New! Add Tandy style SN76489AN sound to any IBM Compatible PC!

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The Lo-tech Tandy Compatible Sound Adapter PCB provides SN76489AN (PSG) generated sound – the chip used by Tandy 1000 machines and many 1980’s arcade machines. IO port mapping options of 0C0h and 1E0h follow Tandy’s implementation, whilst a third option 2C0h is provided to ensure compatibility with all clones.

An LM386 based audio amplifier circuit provides direct speaker output via 3.5mm socket, and 4-pin headers are also provided following the IBM PC internal speaker pinout. The system board PC speaker header can be connected (at JP2) and it’s signal mixed with the PSG, the output then fed back to the internal speaker using JP3.

ENIG finish. Easy assembly – requires only through-hole components to produce a working board. Note: PCB only. Full details and Bill of Materials on Product Wiki Page.

This product requires the separate purchase of components and home assembly; a soldering iron and solder are needed to assemble the adapter.

Please note that this board is in testing phase and requires two modifications – please see Product Wiki Page. Further modifications may be necessary for full operation. Software modifications are required to utilise Tandy titles on generic machines.

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