Tandon TM364

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The Tandon TM364 40MB RLL hard drive was a stepper-motor based 3.5" device.


  • Capacity: 40MB
  • Track-to-track seek time: 14.5ms (measured)
  • Full stroke seek time: 246ms (measured)
  • Average seek time: 85ms (stated), 104ms (measured)
  • Rotational Speed: 3,600 RPM
  • AT interface
  • RLL encoded
  • Supports 1:1 interleave on in an AT with the WD 1006 ISA card

BIOS Settings


Using the lo-tech DOS Disk Tester, performance when installed in the Amstrad PC2286 with a WD 1006 RLL controller and DOS 4 is,

  • Read: 342 KB/s
  • Write: 251 KB/s
  • 8K IOPS: 3.2

The IOPS rating is so poor because of the FAT file system resulting in seeks to the FAT during the testing. Using SMARTDrive, the IOPS value increased to 5.8, which is more representative of the mechanical performance since the FAT is then mostly cached.

Testing with IOMeter has been undertaken, but the weight of the LAN Manager IP stack resulted in very poor performance, around 60KB/s and 2 IOPS.