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Amstrad PC2286 User Manual Cover

The Amstrad PC2286 was an 80286 based PC-AT clone launched in 1989 and part of the 2000 series. The system is notable for several reasons:

  • It was factory-fitted with a 3.5" hard disk, then a new format
  • Amstrad continued its earlier practice of respecting IBMs few patents on the original IBM PC, hence the system used its own keyboard interface
  • Amstrad had originally designed the system with an integrated hard disk controller for the Seagate ST277R drive, but it never worked properly and the machines were shipped with Western Digital 1006 RLL Controllers, with most of the controller BIOS in the system ROM.


Build Quality

The internal build quality of this machine is exceptional, yet it's packaged in a 'plasticy' and weak feeling case.

The system is easy to dismantle for service, although with an unusual arrangement with the ISA expansion slot screws being being part of the securing of the two halves of the case.


Repairs and Restoration

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