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Welcome to the site wiki - providing information and resources for Lo-tech products. is the home of the fastest 8-bit ISA storage device for PC/XT class hardware - the XT-CFv3 - and some other hardware projects for retro PCs and RaspberryPi.

Retro Computing

  • Lo-tech XT-CF Boards - a family of 8-bit ISA CompactFlash adapters, providing bootable solid-state storage for any IBM compatible PC
  • Lo-tech Memory Boards - a family of 8-bit ISA ROM, RAM and EMS boards for any IBM compatible PC
  • Lo-tech ISA USB Adapter - an 8-bit ISA USB storage adapter, providing bootable USB flash storage for any IBM compatible PC
  • Lo-tech Yamaha C1 Music Computer IDE Adapter - an IDE controller for the Yamaha C1 which, coupled with a custom ROM, replaces the Yamaha supplied MFM controller to provide bootable hard disk storage from an ATA or CompactFlash media.
  • Lo-tech Audio Boards - some 8-bit adapters providing music related functionality for IBM compatible PCs
  • Trs-80-ide - Tandy TRS-80 IDE Adapter for Model III/4/4p, and Model II via third-party adapter
  • Test Boards

RaspberryPi Projects

  • GPIO Interface Board - general-purchase, GPIO interface with 4x opto-isolated inputs and 8x open-collector outputs
  • 24-bit VGA Adapter - a high-quality VGA display board for RaspberryPi, with ESD protection to IEC−61000−4−2 Level 4
  • PDT RollerTec Interface - bring 'Hey Siri!' control to PDT Rollertec garage doors with this kit

See list of RaspberryPi Boards page.