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Lo-tech boards designed for use with the Raspberry Pi hardware.

Note that Lo-tech boards are designed independently of, and in no way endorsed by, the Raspberry Pi Foundation. 'Raspberry Pi' is a trademark of the Raspberry Pi Foundation.

GPIO Interface Board

The Lo-tech GPIO Interface Board is a general-purchase, GPIO interface for use with the RaspberryPi Model A+, B+ and 2B single-board computers. The boards follow the dimensions of the Rapsberry Pi HAT specification. The board provides:4x opto-isolated inputs, 8x open-collector outputs (up to 30V/200mA), Maxim 1-wire bus connection, and Fused 5V power header (for powering the Raspberry Pi).

24-bit VGA Adapter

The Lo-tech RPi VGA Adapter PCB provides a secondary display option for Raspberry Pi SBCs equipped with the 40-pin GPIO header. The boards follow the dimensions of the Rapsberry Pi HAT specification and is natively supported in Raspbian Jessie via the dpi24.dtb overlay - no drivers are required.

PDT RollerTec Interface

The Lo-tech PDT RollerTec Interface is a PCB set than enables a RaspberryPi to monitor and operate the PDT RollerTec garage door controller. A HomeBridge plugin is also provided - this set brings 'Hey Siri!' to this popular garage door system.

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