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lo-tech.co.uk is home to a range of retro computing and RaspberryPi projects.

lo-tech has been developing assemble-yourself expansion boards for retro IBM and retro Tandy PCs since 2012, the range currently consisting of memory boards, storage boards, sound boards, and some diagnostics related products. The lo-tech product range as covers Raspberry Pi modules with a GPIO interface module, 24-bit VGA adapter, and an interface to Rollertec garage door controllers.

In additional to downloadable designs, Lo-tech boards are available through our authorised distributor, TexElec.

If you have an idea for a Lo-tech PCB, please Get In Touch!

Legal bits

  • Lo-tech and Lo-tech.co.uk are trading names of Peacon Ltd.
  • Peacon Ltd is registered in England and Wales, company registration number 06648822.
  • Hardware and software are provided under a simple license.

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