XTIDE Universal BIOS

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XTIDE Universal BIOS makes it possible to use modern large ATA hard disks or Compact Flash cards on old PC's. You can then enjoy quiet or noiseless drives with more capacity than you'll ever need for old computers. XTIDE Universal BIOS can be used on any IBM PC, XT, AT or 100% compatible system.

Pre-built XTIDE Universal BIOS binaries are provided here, by the kind permission of the XTIDE Universal BIOS project developers.

Official Project Site

License of Use

The XTIDE Universal BIOS project is run under GNU General Public License version 2. In addition to that license through which the source code is made available, the binary downloads here are subject to the Lo-tech Terms and Conditions of Use.

Binary Downloads

Each release is automatically compiled and the binaries are available at xtideuniversalbios.org/binaries.

The binary images must be configured to the requirements of the machine using XTIDECFG.COM, saved, and finally written out to the EPROM - using FLASH for most Lo-tech boards.

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