Using the Lo-tech TRS-80 IDE Adapter with the Model II

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Hans01 with TRS-80 IDE Adapter

The Lo-tech TRS-80 IDE Adapter rev.2 can be used with the TRS-80 Model II via a simple adapter board, the the Hans01 and the replacement of one IC to match the inverted logic used on the Model-II expansion bus.

Hardware Compatibility

On the Lo-tech TRS-80 IDE Adapter rev.2, replace U2 (74HCT245N) with a 74HCT640N. This provides inverted logic for the data bus. The address bus logic inversion is provided by the Hans-01 board.

PAY MAXIMUM ATTENTION WITH INSERTING THE INTERFACE, AND OBEY THE DART WITH THIS SIDE UP. There is no protection against upside down inserting and it is possible to damage the computer !!!! Use the four holes to fix the PCB in the cardbus.

Attaching the Hans-01 to the Lo-tech Board

(to follow)

Software & Downloads

The board can be used only with the drivers in the download above:

  • Driver - DOMDR6/DCT
  • Formatter - DOMFORM6/CMD

A disk image of a ready-made boot disk is also provided (LD6-Drivers.imd).

Do not use any other drivers or formatters; many model 4 drivers will destroy the first track of the boot disk and many formatters will lock up during format.

Making the Boot Disk

There are three ways to transfer the drivers to the machine:

  1. Using an HxC emulator:
    • Download a Model II bootable LSDOS 6.3.1a in IMD format.
    • Install SDLTRS. Copy the drivers on a Model 4 LSDOS 6 virtual disk with operating system. (DMK, JV3, IMD or other usable format)
    • Boot SDLTRS with this disk.
    • Setup a virtual drive in 8" format.
    • Load the LDOS 8" disk image.
    • Copy the drivers on it.
    • Copy the 8" disk with the HxC to a model II
  2. Use a serial connection between a PC and a running model II.
    • Use a null modem cable and transmit the files.
  3. Print the two files on paper (only 2KB bytes each)
    • Open TED or an other editor on the Model II
    • Wait for a rainy day and start typing!

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