IBM Personal Computer XT 5160

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The IBM Personal Computer XT 5160 (or simply, PC/XT) was the successor to the ground-breaking IBM Personal Computer 5150 and was announced on 8 March 1983. Compared to the earlier model, the system featured a revised system board, increased RAM, and a 10MB Hard Disk.

A derivative, the 3270PC, featured hardware to provide 3270 terminal emulation.

The later 80286 based 5162 was produced along side the 5160, the PC/XT class machines ultimately being replaced by the IBM Personal Computer AT 5170.



Typical specification:

A choice of either Colour Graphics or Monochrome display adapters were available, the former with a composite output for connection to an ordinary TV.

The vast majority of models shipped had at least one floppy drive, for which IBM used three models:

The cassette port of the 5150 was not fitted.

Expansion Slots

The IBM Personal Computer XT System Board had 8 ISA slots and 256KB RAM capacity, with later revisions of the board increasing this to 640KB. The spacing of the ISA slots defined 0.8" (20.32mm) standard that has been used ever since.

IBM Perconal Computer XT Expansion Slots
Slot Card Fitted
1 Video Adapter (usually IBM Colour Graphics Adapter or IBM Monochrome Display Adapter)
2 Empty
3 IBM Personal Computer Floppy Disk Drive Controller
5 Xebec 1210 MFM Disk Controller Card
6 Empty
7 Empty
8 (closest to CPU) Empty (but listed as reserved for IBM Asynchronus Serial Card)

Availability and Pricing

The system was launched 8 March 1983 and produced until April 1987. Cost was as much as $8,000 in the US (with 640KB RAM and colour display).

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