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The Lo-tech XTCFMODE Utility is a simple DOS program that controls the selected transfer mode for the Lo-tech XT-CF Boards (including the Lo-tech ISA CompactFlash Adapter).

By using unconventional IDE address line mapping, the controllers are able to support both 8-bit and 16-bit instructions to collect data, despite the 8-bit hardware, the latter providing a modest performance boost by taking advantage of the 8088's Bus Interface Unit to more tightly pack data onto the ISA bus.

In addition, CPLD based variants (the XT-CFv2 and XT-CFv3) support a DMA based transfer mechanism, providing the fastest possible disk transfer rates for 8088 powered PCs such as the original IBM Personal Computer 5150.

The utility is dependent on the XTIDE Universal BIOS, build R550 or above.


To report the current transfer mode:

xtcfmode [BIOS-drive-number]
C:\>xtcfmode 80
XTCFMODE - transfer mode utility for XT-CF family of adapters.
See http://www.lo-tech.co.uk/XT-CF

Device 80: Read mode: 2
Block mode sectors: 1

To change the current transfer mode:

xtcfmode [BIOS-drive-number] set [mode]

Where mode is:

  • 0, for standard fail-safe 8-bit PIO transfer mode
  • 1, for 16-bit instructions ('BIU Offload' mode)
  • 2, for DMA (XT-CFv3 only)
C:\>xtcfmode 80 set 1
8-bit PIO with BIU offload mode selected.

Note: The transfer mode will revert to that configured in the XTIDE Universal BIOS when the machine is rebooted.


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