Lo-tech XT-CF flash utility

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The Lo-tech XT-CF flash utility is a simple DOS program that writes a binary input file to the ROM on the Lo-tech XT-CF Boards and Lo-tech 8-bit ROM Board, both of which use ST39SF0x0 or AMIC A29010 flash chips.


flash [image-file] [base-address]


  • [image-file] is the name of the binary file to load
  • [base-address] is the base address of the chip, for example D000

Since the boards have 32 or 64KB available, multiple ROM binaries can be written out by appending them into a single file ensuring images are 2KB aligned; however note that the entire flash chip is erased before programming.

Sample Output

Lo-tech XT-CF and 8-bit ROM Board Flash Programmer.  Usage:

1. Simple mode - write an image file to the ROM.  The ROM is
   completely erased, then the file copied.  Can be used with
   32KB or 64KB configurations.

eg: flash [image-file] [base-address]

[image-file]   - ROM image
[base-address] - hex ROM window base address, i.e. D000
                 must be A000-F800


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