RPi System Board (PCB)


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Extended connectivity option for Raspberry Pi Zero, 2 and 3. This board is fixed in the system chassis, and the RPi mounted onto it via the GPIO header.

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Product Description

The Lo-tech RPi System Board turns the Raspberry Pi on it’s head – instead of mounting a HAT board to an RPi, an Model 0, Model 2, or Model 3 RPi is mounted to the Lo-tech RPi System Board.

This board utilises all GPIO pins to provide a whole range of connectivity:

  • Fixed power supply via screw terminals or Micro-USB
  • 5x H11L1 opto-isolated inputs, with replaceable input series resistor and individual LED status
  • 5x Schmitt-trigger inputs
  • 6x Darlington outputs (2 high power)
  • 5x TPL292 opto-isolated outputs
  • Dallas Real Time Clock
  • Maxim 1-wire bus, with on-board DS18B20 temperature sensor
  • RS232 interface (via MAX232D) with 10-pin header (same as PC motherboard)

Board dimensions: 100 x 100mm. 1.6mm FR4, HASL. Mounting centres 92 x 92mm. Maximum working voltage: 30V.

Engineering sample PCBs shipping now.

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