RPi System Board (Eagle Design Files)


Extended connectivity option for Raspberry Pi Zero, 2 and 3. This board is fixed in the system chassis, and the RPi mounted onto it via the GPIO header.

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The Lo-tech RPi System Board turns the Raspberry Pi on it’s head – instead of mounting a HAT board to an RPi, an Model 0, Model 2, or Model 3 RPi is mounted to the Lo-tech RPi System Board.

This board utilises all GPIO pins to provide a whole range of connectivity:

  • Fixed power supply via screw terminals or Micro-USB
  • 5x H11L1 opto-isolated inputs, with replaceable input series resistor and individual LED status
  • 5x Schmitt-trigger inputs
  • 6x Darlington outputs (2 high power)
  • 5x TPL292 opto-isolated outputs
  • Dallas Real Time Clock
  • Maxim 1-wire bus, with on-board DS18B20 temperature sensor
  • RS232 interface (via MAX232D) with 10-pin header (same as PC motherboard)

Board dimensions: 100 x 100mm. 1.6mm FR4, HASL. Mounting centres 92 x 92mm. Maximum working voltage: 30V.

This product is provided as an instant digital download containing Eagle design files and Gerber files, which can be used to modify the design to your needs or produce the PCBs as-is.

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